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Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin

Who We Are

Here at NCA Hiking Heroes, we’re teens committed to protecting the environment and spreading awareness. Our main activity is not limited to picking up trash while hiking, as we deeply care about the nature around us and are engaged in preserving the earth so it can be as beautiful as it has been. NCA Hiking Heroes was founded in spring of 2021, and our Heroes are passionately concerned about the wellness of our community and pledge to become "men for and with others".

We give volunteer hours to those who join our events.

NCA Hiking Heroes Officers

Ian Choe


Founder/President/Web Master

(Bellarmine College Prep., Class of '25)

Hi, my name is Ian Choe, and I am a president of the Northern California Hiking Heroes. I am a sophomore at Bellarmine College Preparatory. As a golfer, I have noticed on many occasions that nature is at its finest when there is no trash, and it is just, simply, nature. I wanted to preserve nature as it is beautiful and what sustains us, and when I found out about Hiking Heroes in the early Spring of 2021, I realized it was the perfect opportunity. I founded a new chapter of Hiking Heroes based in Bay area, the Northern California Hiking Heroes with my 8th grade friends. Now, Hiking Heroes has members that care about the community and environment. We will work together to make it better so we can keep our earth healthier and beautiful for many generations to enjoy.

Daniel Chu


Vice President of Publicity & Outreach

(Bellarmine College Prep, Class of '25)

Hi, I'm Daniel Chu, and I am currently a sophomore at Bellarmine College Preparatory. In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing piano or violin, and Speech and Debate. I first developed an interest in protecting the environment because of my sister, an officer in Valley Christian's Eco Club, and from her, I learned about various issues with the environment. I quickly realized the importance of not sitting around, so Hiking Heroes was the perfect opportunity to make an impact on the environment. After joining Hiking Heroes, my favorite part of the club was hiking together with friends because while hiking may feel monotonous or boring, having friends to pick up trash with is simultaneously enjoyable and beneficial to nature.

Alex Lim


Vice President of Operation

(Bellarmine College Prep, Class of '25)

Hi, I’m Alex Lim. I’m a sophomore at Bellarmine College Preparatory. As someone who likes to hike or visit forests, I found that Hiking Heroes was the perfect opportunity for me to indulge in my hobby and help to make a change in the community. I first became aware of climate issues by the littering and trash seen through my own eyes and the news. Then I was introduced to this organization. I believe that to deter our planet from the harmful changes we have made, we have to actively go out and try to right out wrongs

Interested in joining our team? Please get in touch today and get involved with our cause.

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